Sunday, June 3, 2007

When US Troops Will Withdraw From Iraq

Just as an army on the field of battle will call for a temporary cease fire as it waits for reinforcements, the Democrats have agreed to postpone the debate on Iraq War funding until September when the failure of the troop surge will be obvious, and there will be greater support for a withdrawal. In September the fight will pick up where it left off, with Democrats calling for a withdrawal, and the President saying that the war is going well and a withdrawal is premature. Various bills will work their way around Capital Hill until sometime in October, when the President will finally agree to some sort of compromise. The most likely one being a decrease in the size of the US force, with further withdrawals determined by set benchmarks. By the beginning of 2008, the continued US presence in Iraq will be a huge liability for the Republican party as it gears up for elections later that year. President Bush, not wanting his legacy to include the destruction of the party that Ronald Reagan built, will declare victory and begin a troop withdrawal (leaving only a handful of bases). The withdrawal will rob the Democrats of their rallying point, leveling the playing field in time for elections.

Severe ethnic cleansing will ensue.

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